Finally, a Business Intelligence & Analytics product that makes sense. AgileSense
The demand for data from your customers is insatiable. You want to choose a Business Intelligence solution that meets their needs, but also fits into your environment. There are so many companies with BI offerings, so how do you choose?

Pick a BI product that makes StrategicSense

AgileSense was purpose-built to enable companies to extend analytics to their customers. You don’t have to create the account management and security infrastructure. It’s already built into AgileSense.

The product gives the end users the freedom to drill down into reports you provide or create their own analysis, all in near real-time.

Select a solution that makes SalesSense

AgileSense analytics will make it easy for your customers to measure your great performance. When your customers clearly see the ROI of using your services, they will be happier, and you’ll have more customers.

When you embed your offering with the AgileSense tools, your solution will outperform your competition.

Implement a platform that makes SituationalSense

AgileSense can be deployed in the cloud or on your customer’s premise. However you deliver your offering, we fit right in.

You’ve succeeded by being fast-to-market, responsive to your customer’s needs. When you partner with AgileSense, your customers will be using your data to make better decisions in days not months.

Choose a vendor that makes FinancialSense

The AgileSense technical architecture makes the process of data gathering more cost-effective.

Our robust visualization and dashboard tools make it easy for your customers to do for themselves, so your cost to support their data needs decreases significantly.

Enchant your customers with self-service dashboards
White Label or SaaS Embedded or Enterprise Dashboards with custom reports, charts & KPIs.